In Bangla Jatra means journey. In our case, a journey towards all that is colorful. The people and culture of Bangladesh are vibrant. Our journey is to translate this energy in our art, fashion and lifestyle products. Since 2000, Jatra has been promoting and popularizing Bangladeshi hand woven clothing and hand made craft products. Today through Jatra, countless artisans have the opportunity to make a better and sustainable way of living. We at Jatra are inspired by the positive and colorful side of Bangladesh and we believe in supporting our local ethical industries. Please support our talented artists by visiting Jatra. We hope you enjoy the journey!


Some of the most exciting art forms in Bangladesh are the folk, rickshaw and cinema styles of painting.. Talented Rickshaw and Cinema artists are out of work. because of the restrictions on rickshaws and easy digital printing facilities. Jatra works with a large number of these gifted artists from Dhaka.. Jatra also created its own hybrid folk style,which is a mixture of various folk art from across the globe.


Jatra Jewelry is a total "in-house" creation where our designers and artisans work together to create unique ornaments out of natural elements like silver, copper, seeds, clay and twine. The jewelry, like all of Jatra's products, reflect the beauty of simplicity. In a world that thrives on artificial monoculture, Jatra's artists find inspiration in the rustic beauty of natural diversity.


Despite the pressures of modernization, Bangladeshi weavers continue to take pride in our traditional weaving techniques such as the Dhakai Jamdani, which has been lauded for its exquisite beauty for generations now. Jatra has promoted and popularized the use of handloom clothing among the youth, making it possible to keep this indigenous trade alive. The personal touch of handloom products not only empowers traditional weavers but also promotes the idea of sustainable communities based on crafts rather than industrialized factory products.

Dye and Print

Specializing in both vegetable dye and non-toxic chemical dye, our batik, tie-dye, shiburi and block print products add a unique touch to Jatra's colorful journey.


Because of their organic quality, handmade toys are not only fun, but also safe to play with! Our team of inspired and enthusiastic young artisans craft cute and innovative handmade children's products. These products are created out of organic waste material left from other projects.

Matir Mela

In the beginning of 2015 Jatra started a project called Matir Mela. The concept was to promote a lifestyle of smart, green choices, to reduce the waste of earth's natural resources and find eco-friendly alternatives that promise a better world for future generations. Based on this theme the Jatra team, in collaboration with environmental activist/blogger Saba Humaira Ahmad, went on a mission to source locally accessible ingredients and demonstrated a variety of ways to use these to live a simpler and cleaner life. To reduce waste and packaging, Jatra encourages making homemade daily products like toothpaste, shampoo, lotions and cosmetics. Jatra's team not only sources and sells the natural raw material needed to create these products, but also makes handmade lip balm, natural mosquito repellent candles and other sustainable household products, using unrefined organic coconut oil, beeswax etc sourced from local villages around Bangladesh.

Pet Products

Obhoyaronno - Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation (O-BAWF), is the first and currently the only animal welfare organization in Bangladesh working to end animal cruelty through advocacy, education, training and humane programme implemention.. Obhoyaronno envisions a Bangladesh where people recognize the intrinsic value of animals and consistently make choices that demonstrate compassion and respect. Because of Jatra's love for animals, we collaborated with this organization to produce colorful handmade pet products from scrap material. The proceeds of this product help Obhorayonno sustain itself.

Jatra Biroti

Jatra Biroti is an art and music lounge on the roof of Jatra Banani, at the heart of Dhaka city. It hosts musical events that promote folk and upcoming artists of Bangladesh. Jatra Biroti also arranges musical workshops and creative events for children. Biroti produces unique collaborative albums with some of Bangladesh's most vibrant and talented folk and contemporary artists. Jatra Biroti is a groovy joint where people are mesmerized by its beauty, the bright colors radiating on the walls depicting regional artwork and stories of Bangladesh and of course, live music; from traditional Lalon and Tagore to the newly inspired hybrid version of eastern ragas flying along with western jazz, blues, rock and other genres. It's an open forum for artists from around the world.